Training “Performance Management in Maintenance and Asset Management”

We are pleased to inform that on 15-16 March once again took place training “Performance Management in Maintenance and Asset Management”

The training was highly evaluated by the participants. For two intensive days, listeners had a chance to review the topics associated with measure systems of efficiency and exchange their experiences during numerous discussions in friendly atmosphere. During the practical workshops, participants had the opportunity to practice their knowledge under the supervision of experienced consultant.

Thank you for your the active participation and we invite you to read the our offer training.

Kind regards
Team BalticBerg Consulting


Closing Ceremony of the 3rd edition “Academy of Technical Management”

During the weekend 11-13 March 2016 the 3rd edition of the “Academy of Technical Management” closing ceremony had place.

It is unique educational program for technical managers led in MBA formula with many interactive workshops. Covers half-year education and includes 11 comprehensive modules in areas of maintenance, asset management and management comptetences. Classes are led by international experts and practitioners.

Great atmosphere
A practical approach to issues
Dozens of case studies
Great views and a very high level of satisfaction Participants

We invite you to join 4th edition of the Academy of Technical Management! Recruitment is open!

Now we invite you!

A group of graduates of the 3rd edition of Academy of Technical Management
Thank you for your time!

(Unfortunately, not all of the 20-person group could be the last day of classes, but of course they also invite you to Academy of Technical Management!)


European Maintenance Management Professional Certificate during “Academy of Technical Management”

We are pleased to announce that new certifications were held – EMMP (European Maintenance Management Professional) – this time at the Academy of Technical Management led by BalticBerg.

Certification projects were following: “Criticality ranking for equipment and spare parts”, “Improving Preventive Maintenance – implementation” and “Implementation of TPM”.

Congratulations to the new Certified (more about EMMP):
Mr. Krzysztof Janicki– ArcelorMittal Warszawa
Mr. Grzegorz Makowski – ESSEL PROPACK POLSKA
Mr. Korneliusz Ogrodowski – MAGNA Formpol


Already started the third edition of the “Academy of Technical Management”

We are pleased to inform you that last weekend (October 9-11) started the third edition of the Academy of Management of Technology.
The new group is the most numerous and equally creative and active.
Thank you very much for your interest and positive feedback on the Educational program.
Soon they start subscriptions for the fourth edition, which will begin in 2016.


Training “Maintenance Management Today”

We are pleased to inform you that on 9-10 June, there was another training “Maintenance Management Today”

The training was very well evaluated, as shown in the following opinions from participants:

“The program has been fully and thoroughly discussed. There are many practical examples for these issues.” “Thank you for another interesting training, we will want to take advantage of other offers training in the future.”
“The training conducted in a professional manner and extensive knowledge of teachers, interesting way forward.”
“The high level of professionalism in the preparation and conduct of training and developed training materials.”
“The training will familiarize themselves with the issues of maintenance in a wide extent.”

Thank you very much for the positive feedback and we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer training.



European Maintenance Management Professional Certificate during “Academy of Technical Management”

We are pleased to announce that additional certifications held an EMMP (European Maintenance Management Professional)  this time at the Academy of Technical Management led by BalticBerg.

Topics certification last meeting were the following:  “Implementation of KPI factors in the maintenance department in order to increase productivity and efficiency and to develop a training program and technical staff motivation”, “Analysis of the criticality machines”, “Implementation of basic indicators for monitoring the effectiveness of Maintenance”.

Congratulations to the new Certified (more about EMMP):
Mr Przemysław Jagielski – Flextronics
Mr Piotr Szymański – Magna Formpol
Mr Grzegorz Janowiak – Press Glass


BalticBerg again in CERN in Genewa !

We are pleased to announce that in March 2015, once again Mr. Arkadiusz Burnos, BalticBerg Operating Manager and Consultant, conducted training for managers and specialists research center CERN in Geneva – The European Organization for Nuclear Research.
Training related to the Maintenance Management and Technical Asset Management.
It is also a continuation of the nearly 5-year BalticBerg cooperation with CERN in the field of Asset Management and Maintenance.
It is worth noting that CERN is the operator of the largest machine in the world – LHC – Large Hadron Collider, measuring the length of more than 27 km. BalticBerg appreciates the cooperation with such a renowned Center in the world and we look forward to its continuation.

For those interested, we present below a video of the general principles of operation of the LHC.

Enjoy! In the coming days, the LHC will be restarted after a long stop technical modernization.


NEW GROUP on Linkedin for maintenance specialists and technical managers from Central Europe! Join now!

Welcome! We invite you to participate in discussions on a new group on LinkedIn. It was founded for specialists, engineers and managers from Central Europe, who are engaged in technical management, maintenance and reliability.


Join the Group!



For people who are thinking about applying for certification EMMP we prepared special promotion!

We care about the inclusion of Central Europe specialists in international discussions on issues related maintenance and reliability management, we decided that each person who starts at least 5 discussions and provide at least 30 responses in the new group will obtain an additional 5 BLU – points in the certification EMMP!


Maintenance Management training in Berlin (Germany) and Milan (Italy)!


– Over 40 major topics

– 8 major modules of modern maintenance and asset management

– 8 practical discussions and workshops

– Interactive approach

– Example documents and tools

– Experience exchange

– 20 BLU points in European Maintenance Management Professional Certification (EMMP)












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