European MMP stands for:

European Maintenance Management Professional – Maintenance Manager


Certification proves that titled person is familiar with modern maintenance management and asset management practices. It is totally independent and free certification provided by BalticBerg Consulting.

Certification steps

Step 1. Contact BalticBerg and register to certification process.

Step 2. Gain minimum 50 BalticBerg Learning Units (BLUs) which are assigned to BalticBerg Trainings attendees, and BalticBerg Consulting project members.

Step 3. Lead at least 1 improvement project in your organization and show/publish results on open conference/seminar. BalticBerg mentor can support in this process.

Step 4. Report fulfilled qualification steps to BalticBerg and get official European MMP certification.

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Asset Management Academy

BalticBerg Institute is an integral part of BalticBerg Consulting. The Institute organizes trainings, workshops and seminars for technical managers, maintenance managers and engineers which work with maintenance and reliability. Events are organized in both forms – closed and open.



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