BalticBerg Consulting supports many companies in their operational excellence. We strongly believe that cooperation and networking can bring very important synergy to our partners and us.


For Investors, Private Equity and Venture Capital Organizations, Banks and other financial institutions

BalticBerg supports investors in their strategic decisions. Our experts can reduce your risk in your investments in manufacturing, mining and transportation industries. We deliver practical industrial experience. BalticBerg helps to estimate real CAPEX and OPEX values for upcoming years. We provide also a replacement/interim management by highest level executives.
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For new consultants

BalticBerg never stops searching experts and consultants who can bring knowledge, experience and good-practice solutions to our customers. If You are an experienced specialist in Operations and Management (Manufacturing, Maintenance, Logistics, ERP/EAM/CMMS…) and wish to act as consultant in interesting projects send us your details and work with BalticBerg in interesting projects. We offer professional environment and outstanding conditions of employment.
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For professional associations and conferences organizers

BalticBerg supports professional conferences and summits for industry. If your company organize conferences, publish industrial newspapers, integrate professionals and you need support from respected experts from all over the world, BalicBerg stands here for you.
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