SEAM Group Acquires BalticBerg Consulting, Expanding its Strategic Enterprise Management Services in Europe

We are pleased to announce that SEAM Group (Cleveland, OH, USA) , LLC, has acquired BalticBerg Consulting, a Warsaw, Poland-based provider of asset management consulting services since 2010. BalticBerg is a natural extension of SEAM’s existing European platform, with proven success in helping customers reduce operational losses by up to 80 percent by increasing productivity and assets’ uptime. BalticBerg utilizes on-site consulting, training seminars & workshops to reduce operational costs for clients and mitigate risk. BalticBerg supports selection and implementation of the most technologically advanced ERP, EAM, and CMMS systems for clients’ reliable operations and future growth.

The BalticBerg Institute offers training seminars and workshops to individuals or companies seeking to advance their expertise in maintenance and asset management. Additionally, clients can earn their European Maintenance Management Professional (EMMP) certifications by sharing real implementations successes within BalticBerg Institute events.

“BalticBerg’s expertise in technical resources, maintenance and operational management consulting, training, and project implementation will complement SEAM’s approach to strategic enterprise asset management by leveraging our collective experience and service offerings in ERP, EAM, CMMS, and PdM technology” said Donald Frankel, President and Chief Growth Officer, SEAM Group.

“We are excited to become a part of SEAM Group and offer our professional consulting services to a wide range of customers throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Our operational excellence philosophy focused on asset management and reliability will seamlessly integrate with SEAM Group practices. Seam Group’s ViewPoint® technology and management programs will practically improve our customers’ reliability and operations,” said Arkadiusz Burnos, Chief Executive Officer, BalticBerg.

“The BalticBerg acquisition deepens our expertise and expands our reach across Europe. Combing BalticBerg with our existing European platform will accelerate our future growth plans.” […]

Industry Officers Conference – KOP 2019

On March 20-21 took place a 3rd Edition of the Industry Officers Conference ( The conference is not only an opportunity to meet with the representatives of the Maintenance Industry. The Industry Officers Conference is 2 days of workshops and lectures prepared by practitioners. During the two-day meeting, participants took part in 15 lectures devoted to industry.

A new element of our Conference was the debate, which turned out to be the best part of the Conference. The participants highly appreciated the discussion and the opportunity to learn about different points of view on topics discussed during the debate.

As every year, awards of Industry Officers were also distributed during the evening Gala.

The conference gathers great reviews and is considered one of the most important events of the year devoted to industry and maintenance.

We must also underline the invaluable contribution of our partners, without whom this event would not have achieved such success.

Thank you for your participation and we hope to see you in the next BalticBerg events!

Closing Ceremony of the 7th edition “Academy of Technical Management

During the weekend (15-17 February), the 7th edition of the Academy of Technical Management was officially came to close.

The Academy of Technical
Management is an educational program – the only one in Poland, dedicated to
specialists in technical departments and maintenance. The formula of the course
is based on the experience of managers during the MBA and Executive MBA studies
with a focus on providing practical knowledge, discussions and workshop
exercises in groups.

The Academy of Technical
Management also provides stage for networking, we discuss numerous case
studies, and we also take time to look at the latest modern technology in our
field. Classes are taught by experienced practitioners. During the course, of
the Academy of Technical Management participants use interactive tools and have
access to hundreds of reference documents.

The participants had the
opportunity to prepare a plan and implement what they had learned during the
Academy of Technical Management in their own organization. This year 7
participants of The Academy of Technical Managment preperd an presentation
which shows in details the assumption of their ideas and strategies for their
own companies. Their work was evaluated by the instructor and awarded with the
EMMP certificate.

Selected participants’ opinions
on the 7th edition of the Academy of Technical Management:

“Very useful and practical. Interesting issues, very good organization of classes “

“An exemplary program that goes into the subject of asset management. Practical examples solidly grounded in theoretical knowledge. “

“Great! Workshop examples from real life. A big plus is the exchange of experiences with other participants the training course. “


The 8 Edition of the Academy of Technical Management starts on April 2019 – There is still a few spaces left. Details:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From everyone at BalticBerg, we wish all our Clients a very Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2019.We thank you for your trust and cooperation and look forward to working with you in the new year. 

Asset hierarchy and criticality is a fundament

Companies want to develop Asset Management processes in a standardized, practical, successful, measurable etc. form. So where to start? Point no 1 is of courses R&R so roles and responsibilities in the whole AM system – on a group/division/regional level, and on site/business unit level. But R&Rs refers to processes so number 2 is…. Asset Management process structure. Usually from 15 up to even 40 processes listed under main process of Asset Management.

(click to enlarge)

And now let’s try to define what is the fundament for most of these processes. In Asset Management we need to know what we manage. Process of design, work management, cost allocation, reliability analysis (etc) need to base on something – an asset. Even more – a functional asset. Why have I underlined that I need functional assets in first line in my hierarchy? More on:

Industry Officer Conference (KOP 2018) – summary

Industry Officer Conference (KOP 17-18.04.2018)

The second edition of the Industry Officer Conference, which took place near Warsaw on April 17-18th, gathered over 100 expert practitioners. The aim of the event was networking and a combination of technical subjects, innovation in industry and team management. According to the participants, the event was quite successful. During the conference, several lectures took place. All the speeches were very highly rated. The lectures of: Tomasz Branicki (Lotos Group): RBI in the process industry and Extending the planning horizon, Katarzyna Prokop (PGNiG Termika): Management of asset generation, Tomasz Zieliński (Queris): Production best practices with the CMMS system and Marcin Wanke’s speech ( Marcin Wanke Personal Trainer): Management of emotions in communication.

Please watch the video summarizing the BalticBerg conference (04.2018):

In the evening, during the gala ceremony, for the second time in the history of the Conference, the titles of the Officer of the Industry in four categories were given. Congratulations for the awarded:

Honorary Industry Officer: Tomasz Branicki (Grupa Lotos) for achievements in technical management and popularization of good practices in this field;

Industrial project of the year: Dr Oetker Polska for the implementation of an industrial project as a pilot implementation of the Industrial Project Management methodology;

Appreciated by the industry: Przemysław Wielgus (KELLER Polska) and Andrzej Kaszkiel (Inwido Production);

Industrial innovation of the year: the IKOROL product, the company represented by Ludwik Synoradzki and Marcin Koziorowski.

Thank you for your presence. We invite you next year!

Watch the video summarizing the BalticBerg conference.

The first edition of the Industry Officer Conference, which took place near Warsaw on March 15-16 gathered nearly 100 practice-experts.The first edition of the Industry Officer Conference, which took place near Warsaw on March 15-16 gathered nearly 100 practice-experts.

Please watch the video summarizing the BalticBerg conference:

Next event will take place in 2018 – we invite you to cooperate!

Industry Officer Conference – summary

The first edition of the Industry Officer Conference, which took place near Warsaw on March 15-16 gathered nearly 100 practice-experts.
The mission of the event is networking and unconventional combination of technical topics, industry innovation and soft skills.
According to the participants, the conference was organized successfully and the event should be cyclical.
Participants of the Conference gave a great comments of the lecture: personal trainer Marcin Wanke and lecturers – practitioners Goran Perinic from CERN and Krzysztof Badowski from KELLER EMEA.
Topics that were very interesting for participants are: NDT’s innovative diagnostic methods (practical presentation of NNT representatives), tools and analysis integration (Grupa Azoty), communication and collaboration of various personality profiles (Marcin Wanke HR Trainer), and Maintenance and Asset Management At CERN (Goran Perinic).

The conference is a wide range of topics related to Maintenance, Machine Safety, Industrial Investments, Energy Efficiency, Product Improvement, and Communication and Collaboration.

We would like to thank the Partners for their contribution and commitment and for sharing their experiences:

Next event will take place in 2018 – we invite you to cooperate!

Photos and the conference: 

BalticBerg in CERN!

We are pleased to announce that in September 2016, once again Mr. Arkadiusz Burnos, BalticBerg Managing Director and Senior Consultant, conducted training for managers and specialists research center CERN in Geneva – The European Organization for Nuclear Research.
Training related to the Maintenance Management and Technical Asset Management.
It is also a continuation of the nearly 6-year BalticBerg cooperation with CERN in the field of Asset Management and Maintenance.



Training “Performance Management in Maintenance and Asset Management”

We are pleased to inform that on 15-16 March once again took place training “Performance Management in Maintenance and Asset Management”

The training was highly evaluated by the participants. For two intensive days, listeners had a chance to review the topics associated with measure systems of efficiency and exchange their experiences during numerous discussions in friendly atmosphere. During the practical workshops, participants had the opportunity to practice their knowledge under the supervision of experienced consultant.

Thank you for your the active participation and we invite you to read the our offer training.

Kind regards
Team BalticBerg Consulting