“BALANCED ORGANIZATION”  or “4 OPERATIONAL FORCES” is our philosophy covering modern operations management practices and excellence. 

It’s simple, it’s comprehensive and it’s using all existing and well-known methodologies – it is over methodologies!

Why organizations waste money and opportunities? Why organizations become less effective in long distance? Why operational managers fail to stabilize OPEX changes?

Because they forget about balance…

Arek Burnos, Senior Consultant:

ArekBurnosI saw dozens of organizations where managers have been focused on the Lean tools or Six Sigma approach (Force 1). Profits were improved and many wonderful assessment results were saying “your organization is on Level X of this methodology – Bravo!”. But in the end many of these managers expressed clearly: “we still have many problems and well-known methodologies do not solve them!”. People are leaving, we are not motivated, organization is not transparent, the risk rises, corporate politics is slowing down my team… In operational excellence we need to be creative! There is no “golden method” or ready-made wonderful solution for effective operational management. We need to balance! This is not a NEW approach, this is a NATURAL approach! You feel it, you know this is something over any methodology. But many managers forget to apply it! The more you and your bosses understand what is operational excellence balance, the more you and your organization get from business operations.  

The Balanced Organization

Every organization needs to be balanced. If we leave any of the 4 forces weaker or increase strength of one too fast our organization will get into trouble in longer time frame. This is critical to develop and implement operational excellence methodologies in balanced way. Whatever you perform nowadays… Lean, SixSigma, BPM, TOC or any other approach – you need to remember about balance.

Let’s look to 4 operational forces:

BalticBerg Operational excellence philisophy


We try to provide  3 comprehensive services phases to our customers:

1.     Analysis phase – cross-functional analysis performed by BalticBerg consultants (each specialized in his/her operational area of knowledge)

a.     Where are we?

b.     Is my organization balanced? What is pushing my organization out of the balance?

c.     What are potential “quick wins”? What are estimated benefits?

d.     What are potential “long-term wins”? What are estimated benefits?

Outcome: Awareness of problems, External benchmarking results, Defined and explained challenges with priorities

2.     Planning phase – creative and realistic planning

a.     What to do when? Which actions will go first?

b.     Who will lead actions?

c.     What external knowledge and competences we need to balance the organization and gain benefits?

d.     How to measure effects?

Outcome: Practical operations strategy, Clear objectives and projects portfolio, KPIs for operational excellence initiatives

3.     Implementation phase – BalticBerg experts work with Customer’s project teams

a.     Who requires training and coaching?

b.     How to perform trainings and plan project works?

c.     How to manage projects?

d.     How to close projects?

e.     How to manage and incorporate changes in the organization?

Outcome: Educated and motivated employees, Operational profits (increased income, decreased costs), Lower operational risk – dependable business

Customers about BalticBerg…

  • Over 300 satisfied organizations
  • Dozens of successful projects
  • Over 400 positive testimonials from our courses and projects…
“BalticBerg supported us in developing operational strategy for 2014-2016 years. (…) Cooperation was carried out in efficient and creative way. (…) We recommend BalticBerg and Mr Burnos (Consultant) as reliable and professional partner in business. We cooperate presently within implementation of operational excellence initiatives.”
Managing Director NEE, KELLER
“Very interesting and effectively carried out training. Carried out in a clear, convincing and highly professional way – submitted knowledge, supported by examples. Full professionalism and extensive Maintenance knowledge of Mr. Arkadiusz Burnos encouraged to participate in further training.”
Maintenance Head, MONDI
“Thank you very much for the professional course. It was one of the most interesting ones I have ever attended. Not only knowledge, but also way of conducting the training are outstanding.”
Deputy Technical Director, BIOTON Pharmaceuticals
“The BalticBerg team demonstrated commitment and full availability during all stages of the project.”
Project Manager, CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research)
“BalticBerg Expert overtook project of Maintenance Strategy Development and Implementation… technical maintenance was changed from breakdown to preventive… maintenance information began to be gathered and organized.”
Managing Director, VERGALLE NV
“In my opinion the training was prepared and conducted very essentially. All the information was confirmed with examples.”
Maintenance Manager, BUNGE
“Subjects presented during workshops will be helpful in my professional work. Big knowledge of the leading experts. Good connection of workshops and presentation of the exhibitors.”
Maintenance Engineer, Philips Lighting Electronics
“Workshops with very demanding and intense, rich in content. The issues presented synthetically, across the board, specifically. Lecturer, Arkadiusz Burnos conducted training very professionally, with charisma in great atmosphere. I wish regular information on organized like this, training and planned training program in the long term. Thank you. I am confident that we can work together.”
Main Engineer/ Project Manager, KGHM
“Very good training, specific and thematic matched my expectations. Running at a very high level, the theory interspersed with practice. The atmosphere and organization is also very high. Congratulations.”
Maintenance Planning Manager, UNIWHEELS Production
“Training cross-sectional, giving arguments to dig the topic. Generally, the training is worth recommending.”
Maintenance Manager, Lotte Wedel
“Training conducted in a professional manner. Major skills and knowledge leading. Good examples, good conducting discussions. Real examples.”
Technical Director, Grupa Azoty S.A.


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