Successful operations strategy

Integrate your business, process and people related objectives! Develop successful strategy for operations which integrate your major guidelines and improvement projects for organizational structure, production, logistics, purchasing, technical asset management. Integrate your operations with sales and supplies.

BalticBerg experts facilitated dozens of successful operations which resulted with millions of new earnings and savings!


Operations Strategy
Operations strategy

Develop centralized organizational structure

BalticBerg works with executive managers continuously and support them in designing and implementing centralized organizational structures for multi-plant organizations. Business units supported by successful centralized organization improves their performance and standardization. Design and implement successful shared service centers, centralized managerial functions and centralized quality management with BalticBerg.


Improve processes in business units with BalticBerg

We believe that every methodology need to be configured for particular organization. Our consultants have wide
and long practical experience in executive, management and execution roles. 3aOur experts never follow templates only, we always analyze as is situation and apply particular methods with adjustment to the current Customer.

Implement successful methodologies adjust to your organization with BalticBerg:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma and Statistical Process Control
  • Business Process Management
  • Quality Oriented Manufacturing
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Asset Life Cycle Management

BalticBerg’s Operational Excellence philosophy

BALANCED ORGANIZATION”  or “4 OPERATIONAL FORCES” is BalticBerg philosophy covering modern operations management practices and improvement path developed by Mr Arek Burnos (Senior Consultant of BalticBerg).

It’s simple, it’s comprehensive and it’s using all existing and well-known methodologies – it is over methodologies!

BalticBerg Operational excellence philisophy

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BalticBerg Institute

BalticBerg Institute is an integral part of BalticBerg Consulting. The Institute organizes trainings, workshops and seminars for BalticBerg Consulting customers. Events are organized in both forms – closed and open.

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