Practical Industry Projects

Industrial Project Management is best practices, methods and practical tools oriented to the industrial reality:

  • Construction and expansion of industrial plants
  • Relocations of production lines
  • Industrial software systems implementation, automation and improvement of operational industry
  • Technical turnaround / shutdown management
Asset Management and Maintenance
Asset Management and Maintenance

Portfolio Management

Best practices of reporting and project initiatives’ analyses. Standardization of the process and analytical tools. End of sending out hundreds of files about with different project contents. Project management based on transparent economic, legal and risk criterias. Implementation of IT tools supporting the portfolio management and individual industrial projects.

Project Preparation

Objectives oriented to business benefits and completeness of project deliveries. Define responsibility and motivated project team. Practical communication for quality of products, high performance and comfort. Dozens of best practices are the foundation of successful projects.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Definition of Products and Execution Preparation

Clear principles for defining a specification – not only main technological parameters, but also the entire cost of the life cycle, planning budget, operations ergonomy, quality and maintenance. Clearly defined steps in the project. Good quality agreements with contractors. Clear and intuitive methods of risk identification and risk management in the project.

Modern & Efficient IT

Many organizations use nonergonomic project management tools. Our company promotes solutions that improve real time collaboration and allows keeping a repository of documentation for the needs of industrial projects:

  • real time interactive server tools for the project management and change management (real time updates and information sharing)
  • engineering documentation management systems (traditional and based on the BIM technology)

As independent advisor we support the customer in the definition of real needs, analysis of available solutions, solution selection, implementation and integration with the existing environment.