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Perform operations analysis and build successful strategy with experienced consultants. Decide about centralization of managerial and supportive functions, design successful high-level organization. Develop practical strategy and start implementation.More
Improve organizational structure, increase production performance, lower costs and streamline product flow with BalticBerg. Implement Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methods aligned with “Balanced Organization” philosophy. More
Develop successful asset management strategy aligned with ISO 55000 standard, implement preventive maintenance, decrease downtime and manage spare parts more efficient. More


BalticBerg’s Operational Excellence philosophy

BALANCED ORGANIZATION”  or “4 OPERATIONAL FORCES” is BalticBerg philosophy covering modern operations management practices and improvement path developed by Mr Arek Burnos (Senior Consultant of BalticBerg).

It’s simple, it’s comprehensive and it’s using all existing and well-known methodologies – it is over methodologies!

BalticBerg Operational excellence philisophy

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BalticBerg Institute

BalticBerg Institute is an integral part of BalticBerg Consulting. The Institute organizes trainings, workshops and seminars for BalticBerg Consulting customers. Events are organized in both forms – closed and open.

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