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Led by practitioners – experienced BalticBerg consultants. Our experts have wide range of industrial experience, among others Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Offshore, Mining, FMCG…


Over 7000 trained managers and specialists, we are verified by their testimonials: “…Practical…” “…Real solutions…” “…Very good trainer – practical expert…”

Always improved methods

We work in practical implementations and continuously improve methods and toolkit. Find out practical examples and avoid mistakes in implementation…

Dedicated BalticBerg courses

BalticBerg experts trained over 7000 managers and engineers – mostly in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our training methods is appreciated by attendees for a very practical approach, live case studies reviews and applicable tools examples. We have thousands of very positive testimonials from many industries. Our dedicated training offer is adjusted to each customer. Please contact us to adjust trainings to your organization and objectives.

BalticBerg Institute delivers dedicated courses in following areas:

  • Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Reliability and Preventive Maintenance courses

  • Industrial Project Management courses

  • Industrial Operational Excellence and Industrial Leadership courses

  • Production excellence and Lean Manufacturing courses

If you are interested in any of above mentioned training categories please contact our sales team: info@balticberg.com.

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